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Wine regions

The main wine production areas are in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas. You may have already heard of it: in 2014, these areas were recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for their historical, scenic and cultural value, where culture also means the enormous influence wine has had on people. In the province of Cuneo alone, in the Langhe region, a third of Piedmontese wine is grown. 
2012 - Cappella del Barolo - acquaforte-acquatinta acquerellata - cm. 70x50 - (mm. 320x250


The Langhe, together with the Monferrato and the Roero, forms the heart of Piemonte.



The Barolo is undoubtedly the most famous wine region of Piemonte and perhaps the whole of Italy.

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The Roero is one of the most important wine regions of Piemonte and is located north of Alba.



The Barbaresco is a relatively small region, which has a very high percentage of vineyards. 



The Monferrato is a fairly large area, which together with the Langhe and the Roero forms the heart of Piemonte.



The Gavi region is located on the east side of Piemonte and is named after the village of Gavi. 



The Dogliani is inextricably linked to one grape:


The Dolceto.

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Colli Tortonesi

This wine region is located in the hills east of the city of Tortona, in the (north) east of Piemonte. 

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