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Barolo region

The Barolo is undoubtedly the most famous wine region of Piemonte and perhaps the whole of Italy. This is due to the greatest wines that have been made here from the Nebbiolo grape since the 19th century, and which are especially known for their enormous potential: the crus of the best wineries can easily age 50 years or more. Name giver of the wine is the village of Barolo.

Is Barolism  a lifestyle?
Personally I think so. This documentary made by (Blinking City) gives an insight into a way of understanding the life of these Barololists. In a world full of constant noise and distraction, the LANGHE wine region has a voice that speaks of absolute passion and dedication. It pays homage to a wine and a territory that is unique the world over. Everything else is not important.


These are the six Barololists | Lorenzo Accomasso | Chiara Boschis | Aldo Vaira | Oreste Brezza | Alfio Cavallotto | Giuseppe Rinaldi.

More info | Consorzio di Tutela Barolo

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