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Red Dots on Black

My fascination with Italy ignited in the vibrant 1980s, a time when this beautiful country was still a blank slate for me.

As an international IT manager, traveling to distant places, I had the unique opportunity to support our branch in Northern Italy. In a picturesque rural village near Milan, I fell in love with the Italian lifestyle, its exquisite cuisine and sublime wines - a revelation that would change my life.


Inspired by the irresistible 'dolce vita', my wife and I started exploring the various regions of Italy during our holidays. From the sun-drenched streets of charming towns to the heavenly flavors of local dishes and wines, my passion for the Italian culinary arts grew with every sip and bite.


Our gastronomic journey took us one day to the beautiful Piedmont region, a hidden gem that has not yet been overrun by tourists. Known by wine connoisseurs and gourmets, especially during the grape harvest and white truffle season, Piedmont is a treasure trove of authentic Italian experiences.


And good news for culinary adventurers in the Netherlands: the essence of Piedmontese cuisine is now within reach! Have you ever dreamed of preparing those delicious Italian dishes yourself? Discover the secrets of this rich cuisine during our inspiring cooking workshops. Are you ready to lose yourself in the flavors of Italy?

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