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Piedmontese cooking workshop

Step into the enchanting world of Piedmontese cuisine with our exclusive cooking workshop.
The adventure starts with a festive glass of bubbles, leading to a culinary journey where you prepare five beautiful dishes.
For each course I choose a perfectly matching Piedmontese wine.

Enjoy five hours of culinary conviviality in a warm, intimate atmosphere, ideal for groups of two to six people at home, or larger groups in our cooking studio.
Experience the rich flavors and traditions of Piedmont in every bite and sip, finishing with a traditional grappa or refreshing limoncello.

Are you curious about our full menu and our exclusive wine selection? Click on the 'Menu' button for more information.
Discover now three new Piedmontese specialties: Vitello Tonnato with a unique lemon-caramel sauce, juicy guinea fowl stewed in Bagna Cauda, and Martino's dolci - a delicious bônet filled with panna cotta and served with caramel sauce.

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