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Exclusive cooking workshop

Step into the enchanting world of Piedmontese cuisine with our exclusive cooking workshop. The adventure starts with a festive glass of bubbles, leading to a culinary journey where you prepare five beautiful dishes. For each course I choose a perfectly matching Piedmontese wine.

Enjoy five hours of culinary conviviality in a warm, intimate atmosphere, ideal for groups of two to six people at home, or larger groups in our cooking studio. Experience the rich flavors and traditions of Piedmont in every bite and sip, finishing with a traditional grappa or refreshing limoncello.

Are you curious about our full menu and our exclusive wine selection? Click on the 'Menu' button for more information. Discover now three new Piedmontese specialties: Vitello Tonnato with a unique lemon-caramel sauce, juicy guinea fowl stewed in Bagna Cauda, and Martino's dolci - a delicious bônet filled with panna cotta and served with caramel sauce.


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Book My Piemonte

Discover the Enchantment of Piedmont: a personal journey

During my first visit to Piedmont I immediately fell in love. This beautiful region in the north of Italy captured my heart and has held a special place in my life ever since. 

My first encounter with Piedmont

My love for Piedmont was born at that first meeting, a bond never to be broken. In the following years I made countless trips to this enchanting region. Each trip was a new adventure, a new opportunity to strengthen my bond with Piedmont.

The culinary treasures of Piedmont

It is during these trips that I discovered the true treasures of Piedmont: its cuisine and its wines. 

Meetings with local entrepreneurs and residents

My adventures brought me into contact with inspiring entrepreneurs and warm-hearted residents. I learned about their lives, their passions, and how deeply their roots are entrenched in this earth. These encounters gave me a unique insight into the culture and customs of Piedmont.

The Essence of Piedmont: more than a destination

Discover for yourself the rich history, cultural customs and unforgettable flavors of Piedmont. Read more about the characteristic grape varieties, the authentic dishes of Piedmontese cuisine, and the special people who bring this region to life.

Are you curious about more stories and details about my travels in Piedmont?

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La Cucina Piedmontese



The wealth of Piemonte is reflected in its cuisine, where truffle, precious mushrooms, game, cheese, meat and many different vegetables predominate.

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Piemontese wijnen
een wereld van smaken

The vine is a demanding companion that requires a lot of attention and the same amount of time.


Whether the wine is white, red or rosé, full or very fresh, I wish everyone a nice meal.

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Nice accommodations

View a number of accommodations selected by me here.

Some of these are run by Dutch people

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