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The kitchen

Known for its pure and authentic dishes, Piedmontese cuisine is a true reflection of the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region.

Located on fertile lands, Piedmont offers an abundance of quality ingredients. In the north, where the plains predominate, farmers carefully cultivate grains, with a particular focus on rice, the heart of many local delicacies.


This cuisine shines through its diversity, where every ingredient tells its own story. In addition to mushrooms, high-quality cheeses, juicy meats, game, and fresh vegetables, Piedmont is famous for its hazelnuts.

Yet it is perhaps the wine that takes the cake in this region. Piedmontese wines are not just a drink, but a symbol of regional identity, which goes hand in hand with culinary traditions.


The icing on the cake in this gastronomic treasure chest is the white truffle, an exquisite delicacy that embodies the essence of Piedmontese luxury and elegance.

Waiter Preparing
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The truffle

 A truffle is a kind of tuber that grows in the ground on the roots of trees.


Special truffle dogs go hunting for this golden substance with a truffle hunter.


Buon Appetito

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