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Red Dots on Black

Grape "Nebbiolo"  

Red Dots on Black

The Nebbiolo grape is the best and noblest and certainly the most appreciated and sought after black grape variety among the Italian grape varieties. Now scattered throughout the region, it is at the same time certainly the oldest in Piedmont.


There have been several suggestions as to how it got its name: according to some it derives from "fog", because the grapes are usually harvested in October, during the period of the morning haze, while according to others, this variety is called this because the grapes resemble to be constantly "cloudy", as they are covered with abundant bloom.


Finally, the oldest assumption is that it takes its name from the word "noble", because of its great generosity.

In fact, it is still known as "the queen of black grapes".


It is a very demanding grape variety in terms of processing and fertilization that prefers calcareous soils, usually in hilly areas and well exposed to the sun at an altitude between 200 and 450 m above sea level, protected from frost and cold in spring .

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