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Grape "Arneis"  

Red Dots on Black

The Arneis is also nicknamed the “white nebbiolo” or “little king”, which indicates the importance and noble character of this grape. It is one of the most important white grape varieties in (northern) Italy and is actually only grown in Piedmont. 

It is therefore only used under 2 appellations: the Roero Arneis DOCG and the Langhe Arneis DOC. The Roero Arneis, takes its name from the Roero family that once dominated these lands and to which belonged the numerous castles that arose there, while Arneis seems to derive from a dialectal term meant grumpy or rebellious.


Roero Arneis is a wine produced from indigenous vines in only 19 municipalities in the province of Cuneo, on the banks of the Tanaro River that separates it from the Langhe area.

The Arneis is not an easy-to-grow grape (its name also means “little nuisance” in dialect) with a fairly high susceptibility to disease and low yields, which is one of the reasons why it has fallen out of sight.

From the 1980s, attention shifted from quantity to quality, and the Arneis came back into the picture because of its good taste characteristics.

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