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Red Dots on Black

Grape "Dolcetto"  

Red Dots on Black

The Dolcetto is a grape variety that is widely planted in Piemonte, especially in the Langhe and Monferrato, and also occurs outside in Northern Italy.


Its name probably derives from the Piedmontese term "Dosset", which refers to the particular softness of the pulp and its soft character, but the wines made from it are exclusively dry and very dry, young, with moderate acidity, which makes them particularly suitable for daily consumption.


The grape itself has a lot of tannins, especially from the seeds, which are often a bit "hard". The grapes must therefore be handled carefully during vinification.


Fortunately, it also has a lot of colorants in its skin and is reasonably aromatic, so that beautiful dark, strongly fruity wines can be produced even with a very short soaking on the skins.

The Dolcetto is classically vinified in stainless steel tanks, and produces wines that are traditionally drunk quite young.

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