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Red Dots on Black

Grape "Brachetto"  

Red Dots on Black

The Brachetto is an indigenous red grape variety, one of the oldest in Piedmont, probably from the hills of Monferrato Asti.


However, it is not an easy grape to grow. The main planting area is currently around Acqui Terme, the production area of the Brachetto d'Acqui, which has even been awarded DOCG status.


This exists both as a lightly sparkling frizzante (1-3 bar) and a sparkling (>3.5 bar) spumante variant, which is always sweet or slightly sweet.


In both cases, the wine is made by stopping the fermentation before all the sugar has fermented into alcohol, and Brachetto typically has a low alcohol content of only 5 to 7%.


This way of making wine shows many similarities with that of the Moscato d'Asti, so that the Brachetto is also called the “red Moscato”.


The other wine region where wine from the Bracheto is made is the Roero, where the local variant of this wine is called "Birbet".

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