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Grape "Barbera"  

Red Dots on Black

Il Barbera or la Barbera, first of all ​​we face an age old question, what is it_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-1 36bad5cf58d_ "genus of wines", in case from Barbera this one is referred to as female, the result comes from several factors.


The genus comes from the linguistic tradition and when wine experts and sommeliers say "la" Barbera (the same goes for Vernaccia and de Bonarda) according to the local Piedmontese custom and the designations of some men of letters, the majority of a part of the non-Piedmontese consumers, however, use "IL".


The Barbera is the third most planted grape in all of Italy. It is therefore the most planted grape variety in Piemonte. The Barbera became very popular and spread on the table in a short time and has an old tradition that makes it stand out in Piedmont.


Its presence has been constant for centuries with this grape widespread in the areas of Asti, Alba, Alessandria. The names are also very different in the Langhe only the Barbera d'Alba DOC occurs.


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